Como estudar aqui?

Every child has the right to have an extraordinary future

Studying at Liceu Jardim is a choice for those families who want to provide their children with academic and intellectual training at the highest level. With a select group of teachers, a consistent pedagogical project and a planned physical structure, Liceu Jardim represents, in ABC, the teaching standard of the best Brazilian schools.

The admission process for new students consists of a few steps:

• Monitored visit to get acquainted with the physical structure;

• Meeting to present the pedagogical project and interview with the Board;

• Analyses of the student’s school report and academic history (Kindergarten is exempted);

• Diagnostic test (from 3rd year of elementary school till 9th year and 2nd year of High School. Admission Process for the 1st Year of High School.

• Due to our to the way our pedagogical project is designed, enrolment for the 3rd Year of High School can only be accepted by the Principal.

• The school is open to receive new visiting families from Mondays to Fridays – 7.30 to 18.00. Visitors can book their visit via email or by phone +5511 4993-5200

•  To fill the places available for new students, we use the criterion of “order of arrival” and draw.

For admission to the 1st grade of High School, we adopt the Admission Exam. Find out more by clicking here.

Welcome to Liceu Jardim. Here, your child will build a path of great achievements!

Liceu Jardim Team.